Telekom Sustainability Day 2022 - we are partner on this journey

At today’s Telekom Sustainability Day, the Management Board of Telekom Group presented the Group’s ESG goals. One of the focal points when it comes to sustainability is energy consumption. As the energy supplier of Telekom in Germany, we are of course #participating and actively contributing to the achievement of Telekom’s goals.

At the investors’ meeting Telekom’s commitment in all areas was once again emphasized. Telekom has been taking measures to achieve its declared goal of climate-neutral operation for several years.

Green networks: As Telekom’s energy supplier in Germany, we support the group in achieving its environmental goals. We have been supplying Telekom with 100% green energy since 2020, furthermore we are promoting our own renewable energy generation and are involved in energy reduction programs and measures within the Group.


Energy efficiency and energy consumption reduction: We have already played a major role in the significant reduction of energy consumption in the recent years in Germany and will continue to support Telekom’s new goal of further reducing of energy consumption.

Green in-house generation: We are already focusing on power purchase agreements (PPAs) as an active contribution to the energy transition. In addition, we will increase the amount of energy we generate ourselves over the next few years. We are accelerating solar expansion by installing additional modules on our own Telekom buildings and open spaces.

Storage solutions and innovations: We set up large-scale storage systems to store the energy we generate ourselves and use it when needed. We have decades of experience in energy storage for emergency power applications. Today we focus on building storage solutions throughout Germany. This will enable us to increase Telekom’s power supply autonomy, relieve the load on the power grid in Germany and reduce consumption peaks.

We are confident that Telekom will achieve its ESG goals and are proud to be a part of this sustainability journey.

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