Power & Air Solutions:
Energizing our green future!

Power & Air Solutions is the commercial name of PASM Power and Air Condition Solution Management GmbH.
We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, with our headquarters in Munich and offices in Münster, Darmstadt, and Berlin.

Since our founding in 2004, we have guaranteed the availability of critical infrastructure systems in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. A focus of Power & Air Solutions’ activities is the highly specialized planning, configuration, installation, and maintenance of our customers’ ICT systems, complemented by extensive monitoring and incident management.

Power & Air Solutions is also the energy supplier to the units and companies of Deutsche Telekom AG in Germany and also performs the duties of metering point operator and meter service provider.

Among other measures, Power & Air Solutions does this through dedicated sourcing for systems and energy (electricity) and is firmly committed to the use and expansion of renewable energy sources.


Our mission:
Energizing our green future!

The needs of our customers are a top priority. With our anticipatory, future-oriented strategy, we have offered the best performance and the best service at all times since our founding in 2004, under constantly changing conditions.

Our vision:

We play a pioneering role in the energy transformation and are on our way of becoming the leading provider of sustainable energy and infrastructure solutions.

We take responsibility for society and the environment

Sustainability is the foundation of our business.

We actively help shape the energy transformation. Our electricity is 100% green – with zero carbon footprint from renewable energy sources. With valuable green power purchase agreements (PPA) in our portfolio and increasing amounts of internal generation, we are contributing directly to increasing the share of renewable energy in Germany. Read more here

Our approach to energy efficiency represents a major contribution to sustainability. We optimize our energy consumption and increase the efficiency of our technology significantly. We have already achieved an average power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.4 for critical infrastructure.

Our procurement department requires our suppliers to adhere to a strict code of conduct that guarantees environmentally-friendly production, fair working conditions, and other social principles.

We ensure an optimized, sustainable design of all of our processes and production paths in all of our activities.

Our products and services guarantee the availability of critical infrastructure for telecommunications and form the backbone of digitalization in Germany.

Company culture – what we stand for

We are convinced that the team shapes the company culture and is responsible for the company’s success.

We stand for a culture of trust, diversity, and respect. We are proud of the performance and value-creating spirit of our team and actively promote our employees’ skills and abilities.

All this helps us ensure that Power & Air Solutions will remain a reliable partner that our customers can depend on completely.

What Power & Air Solutions does
delivery points supplied with electricity
power grid failures prevented annually
MWh of green electricity purchased each year
MWh conserved through efficiency measures in 2021

We are the energy supplier to Deutsche Telekom

We supply Deutsche Telekom with 100% green electricity. Our availability product makes the network fail-safe! As a wholly-owned subsidiary, we are part of the Deutsche Telekom family.

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